Which Audi or Merc would I drive?

I have never made a secret of the fact that I am a BMW driver, and a big BMW fan. Yes, I know that these cars are usually driven by idiots. Funnily enough, I usually use my indicators, I only switch on my fog lights in the fog, and I don’t drive on the bumper of the car in front of me. That may be because I didn’t buy a BMW for the looks. I do like how they look, but what I love more is how they drive.

Being a die-hard BMW fan, I naturally despise anything from its rivals – Audi and Mercedes Benz. I just can’t stand all Audi’s looking exactly the same, and I feel a Merc is an old person’s car. However, being German they are technically very good. So if I had to drive either a new Audi or a new Merc, which would I choose?

Audi R8

OK this is pretty obvious. Everyone loves the R8. It is simply awesome, Tony Stark drives one and it has one of the best V8 engines in the business.

Audi RS5

This one hasn’t been released yet, but I would love to own one. It should have a much more aggressive RS8-esque front bumper, making it look distinctly different from the rest of the hum-drum Audi range. Plus it’ll be quattro, and have the same V8 engine as the R8. I guess it’s sacrilegious for a BMW fan to love a competitor to the M6, but this car will be brilliant.

Mercedes SLS

The modern interpretation of the classic gullwing will be very good. From the spy pics, it’s clear that the proportions of the old car have been maintained. In other words, it’s beautiful. There will be an AMG edition, so its go should match its show.

Mercedes AMG Black editions


These cars are bonkers. That’s why I love them. The insane bulging wheelarches shouts that it’s not an old person’s car. Actually, they shout that it’s a hooligan’s car. Which makes sense, as Jeremy Clarkson owns one.


  1. #1 by DChetty at September 27th, 2009

    I am an ardent Audi fan and while I swear allegiance to the brand, I know that one day I will end up driving a Merc. I would have gone there a while ago, but I think that I am too young to be driving one just yet. So until then, I will be found at the wheel of an Audi.

    If I could upgrade to something “realistic” and “achievable” given my current financial state, I would really consider the Audi S5.

  2. #2 by Chris M at November 25th, 2009

    To be honest, if I had to go for a car right now, I’d take the A3 Cab, in white. It’s probably the sexiest car on the road that’s in financial reach. Well, perhaps not reach, but stretch ;)

  3. #3 by Johann at November 26th, 2009

    @DChetty: Merc is creating a lot of interesting cars, and the S5 is not bad.

    @Chris M: Although I’m not a fan of A3 Cab, at least it has some character – it’s not just another bland Audi. But yeah the prices of those are crazy.

    I must say since I published this post a lot of new BMW’s have come out, and it seems BMW is returning to it’s former German-ness, i.e. BMW is doing what Audi is doing – making all their cars look the same. So my argument about Audi’s looking the same are becoming a bit moot. :)

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