BMW European Delivery – the ultimate way to buy a new Bimmer


BMW European delivery is an option very few people know about. Apparently this has been going on since the 80′s. I’m not sure if it’s available for South African customers, but many rich Americans have made use of it. Basically, what you do is to order your new BMW directly from BMW Germany. You then fly over there, collect your car from BMW Welt (an awesome experience in itself), drive around Europe and Germany (on the roads the car was designed for) and have a good time. You then drop the car off at any one of the pre-designated drop-off points and the car gets shipped to your home country.

This would be an awesome holiday. Yes, you can just fly over there and rent a car for your holiday. However, renting an M BMW for two weeks will probably cost you more than this program.  I’ve put this on my want-list for when I win the lottery…

An interview with Keri-Lynn Shaw, manager of BMW European delivery:

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